Troy Kearns

Millionaire Mentorship Mastermind

Kansas City

November 10th - 11th, Kansas City, MO

“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.” -Robert Kiyosaki
Your Network is your Networth!
Mix and Mingle with People who are actively doing large deals!
Learn the strategies for financial freedom

In 2008-2012, I thrived when others failed! When banks were closing down, I learned how to capitalize on recessions. This is the time I have been waiting for! Most people are sitting on the sidelines because interest rates are high, and do not know what to do. The people who attend this event will learn strategies that not only will make them great investors from experts in the field doing it, but they will also learn from someone who made Millions of dollars in the last recession and has continued to parlay that success into multiple markets and succeed no matter what the economy is doing.

We have a host of speaker’s who are experienced in Real Estate, all aspects of Real Estate, women and men who have thrived in downturns, upturns and have a passion for Real Estate. Proximity and knowledge comes from being in a room with a concentrated effort with like minded people. Kansas City is now where I call home, and have continued to grow a large portion of my Real Estate portfolio. I am excited to share with you the strategies that you can take to become successful and rich through Real Estate!

Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur / Coach / Mentor
Entrepreneur / Real Estate Broker / Investor
Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur / Wholesaling Expert
“The Shermanator” / CPA / Investor
Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur / Coach / Mentor
Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach
Real Estate Mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur
Real Estate Investor, Coach
Entrepreneur, CRM Specialist, Webinar Copywriter
Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler
“The Shermanator” CPA
Home Inspector, Real Estate Investor, Coach
Entrepreneur, CRM Specialist, Webinar Copywriter
Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler
“The Shermanator” CPA
Entrepreneur, “Real Estate Soldier”, Sales Pro
“The Ginger Marketer”, TikTok Coach, Marketing Expert
Attorney, Real Estate and Business Law Expert
Investor / SOP expert
Real Estate Hawk
Fund Manager / Tax Strategist / Lendor
Leadership Expert
Entrepreneur / Digital Creator
Property Manager / Investor
Golf Coach / Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur / Real Estate Investor / Digital Creator
Real Estate Investors
Marketing Expert

And Many More!

We'll see you in Kansas City!

We have a limited number of seats available for this event

The Boss Package is specifically limited because of the Limo Tour of Vegas and Golfing Day. All current students that are enrolled in the Millionaire Mentorship Coaching Program pay VIP pricing for BOSS, and are allowed one guest at the same price. We encourage you to make your reservations for the room block and stay at the hotel of the event, this will ensure you have quick access to the event and don’t waste time and money on transportation.

General Admission

$ 1,497



$ 1,697


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